Driving Lessons : Getting Started

Legal Requirements

If you are 17 and you have a valid provisional licence then you can take your first driving lesson.

To apply for a provisional licence complete a DI form from the Post Office and send it to the DVSA (DVLNI in Northern Ireland) with your passport or birth certificate, and a passport size photo. You can also apply for a provisional licence on the Direct Gov website.

Apply for your provisional licence twelve weeks before and have your first lesson on your 17th birthday. People with international and foreign licence or people with any disability or special needs should contact us on  07877 986949

How many Lessons will you need?

After your first lesson your instructor will be able to assess and advise you how many lessons you require. The current average is 45 hours of lessons (Driving Standard Agency average 2006) and 22 hours of practice with friends and family. Please check the legal requirements for private practice.

Two hour lessons are recommended for practicing driving will help you learn quickly.

How would you like to Learn?

We let you choose when you want to learn to drive, be it daytime, evenings or weekends. We can either pick you up from work or at home. You can also choose the length of the lessons, whether a short lunch hour lesson or a 2 hour weekend lesson. We offer full help and support even after you have passed your theory and practical tests.

The right Instructor for you

We will find an instructor who will be ideal for the way you want to learn and the language you want to communicate in. You can trust Paragon Driving School for this because we look after your every need.

Motorway Driving

Specially designed for newly qualified drivers. By taking these lessons you will get prepared to go on the motorway on your own and learn to :

  • Use Slip Roads
  • Read Signs
  • Understand Junctions
  • Drive at a constant high speed and overtake.