Driving Instructor Jobs in London

At Paragon Driving School, we are always on the look out for PDIs and ADIs.

Instructors can choose when and where they wish to work.

We Provide Full Training to become driving Instructor.

Please do not hesitate to call us on  07877986949 if you are interested to become a driving instructor.


We have tailor-made deals set according to the instructor’s needs.

Low Franchise – you control your business.

Paragon Driving School is the perfect place to become a member.

Our Support to You :

We provide all our instructors with stationery free of charge i.e. appointment cards, mock test sheets, lesson sheets.

Your Pupils:

We will provide you with pupils in the area where you wish to work. Once you have built up and become established you will be getting enough work by self-advertisement and recommendations, but you will always have our support.


To help get you more work we will hold advertising campaigns; newspapers, mailouts, directories such as the Yellow Pages and on the internet. We will also advise you how you can attract more pupils locally in your area i.e. local schools or even when you park on the high street to grab a sandwich or a cup of tea.


Instructors can use their own car for teaching 

We expect you to keep your car clean and tidy inside and out and non-smoking.

We will provide you with a roof sign (head board) 

Call  07877 986949 today to speak to one of our advisors.